The Prudent Family

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What is Family? It is not an easy question and some say with time we are losing the essence of it. Just for a refresh in our modern times, we have a. Nuclear(everything starts from scratch) b. Single Parent (one parent raising one or more children on his own, this is difficult as kids need both parents) c. Extended( this where everyone stays under one umbrella) d. Childless two types one for biological and second by choice and they are called DINK( Double Income and No Kid) e. Stepfamily, and f.Grandparent Family!

My Grandparents from my Mother side was MAFIA( Mother and Father of Indrapuri Association) and an example of yours truly,” The Prudent Family”.

Every summer, we used to go there and I have yet to see the personality of my Grand Pa who was the head of the whole wide village. He not only thought of his family but the whole village as an extended family. In every day in his habitually walk one of the head member of the family has to walk with him and for some reason, the head could not come someone else in the family. They talk how about – how to integrate their family and be together. It was becoming tough as most of the higher education was outside of Indrapuri. For anyone going out of the village, an exercise of sound judgment was used with a promise they will keep coming back with one improvement to implement learned outside the village. This discretion bought all the good characteristic of all different place the new generation went out to venture their fortune. Indrapuri was a model village for many years.

I always waited for summer and some winter. On a personal note my five observations from those MAFIA days!

a. Infrastructure: As a head of the village, he never used to wait for all development from the Government. He asked locals to either provide their brain, manpower or money to take care of development. Money matters so are brain or time from the individuals.
b.Youngster: When things go wrong especially with younger generations…he never used to react! He used to say it’s because of Puberty. People go through difficult times and this will go away and it used to go away. His technique Respond not React!
c. Soft on People and Hard on Issues: This was one of my favorite the way he treated people. Keep it open and with evidence of keeping things in future, his approval was always respected. Communication is King!
d. Annual Summer Sports for all ages and genders. The award was really rewarding and hence people were prepared, active and looking for this day or week long events
e. Educational Winter Fair – Where nearby institute was invited. People tends to stay more inside which conspires to more into reading.

Finding the value and second communicating everyone young and young by heart in the development of self, family, the village in the equations was his mantra. But that equation was not lived long as one day we heard he was bitten by Cobra in his morning walk while other two were unhurt. Why he, is still unanswered?


I know many Nuclear Family, Single Parent Family, DINK (Double Income and No Kid) family and have yet to find next – The Prudent Family!







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