A writer on the cusp of becoming an author

via Daily Prompt: Cusp

The title seems longer and so is the journey if I say I have been thinking to say,” A daily prompt writer on the cusp of becoming an author”.

Well, this is not the first time I have said this but for sure I am writing it for the first time in public. In elementary school when I said I want to be a writer to my English Teacher. She looked at me and now if I think of the reason –  I was relatively good in Science and Maths.  Everything was natural to me except the English especially the writing. There were more creative writers so my stake was not so high. The mathematical number made more sense to me and everyone around me.

The equation of being a writer from family, friends came as a downpour and flooded every part of my brain and also the cycle – Aren’t you be afraid if you will not be successful, what if your book does not impress the readers. My inner self than was not more about successful but more about my story telling.


The short answer was and is Yes, as a human being we thrive we read others and other reads us and just like anyone I chose a mathematical path to pay bills. No one asked me when I did Master in Computer Science – Are you not afraid what if you are not successful. Well, success is all relative – I did not work towards creating the startups like Google, Facebook, or YouTube.

Fast Forward, since signed up with WP from December of 2016 I have passionately published 125 plus articles and these sure boosts my believe without a blink if I keep going at this rate will be an author of my first book by end of 2017.


Signing off today, with a firm belief  – A writer or to be more precise a daily prompt writer on the cusp of becoming an author!




9 thoughts on “A writer on the cusp of becoming an author

  1. When I was teenager I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was very serious, taking 8 classes per week. But in the end I found out that my parents never planned to let me take it to the next level while I was still living at home. I eventually quit (for reasons I won’t go into), but if things had been different, maybe I wouldn’t have.

    I agree with the previous with the previous comment. Keep writing! Follow your dream to wherever it takes you.

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      1. I do still consider myself to be a dancer in many ways. On my blog I refer to the “dance and flight of my mind and my fingers” when talking about my love of writing. My husband also says I have a rather unique dance-like walk.

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