Vote Counts 

via Daily Prompt: Cusp
Tuesday, April 4th is a local election for the county. I left office on time and one of my colleagues wanted a lift. Since I was going in the same direction saying Yes was an easy thing. Otherwise, I would have else said Yes reason you get so much of time talking looking at the same direction. Almost like all have – One Direction.

On our way to polling station, ” My colleague asked why do I take voting seriously”

My simple answer –  If I don’t vote it still counts which is not under my control. By voting it may determine the candidates I voted his current role to cusp as a politician or wait till next election with an encouragement they did not loose by many votes.

There was a smile or two in that five miles drive to the polling station and a second follow up question.

If I have to run for this county election? What would be one thing which will make people remember me?

My simple answer – An outcome! People when they come to elect someone they are looking for an outcome. It’s not possible to have an individual outcome but a common outcome for a society.

Once upon a CUSP of becoming politician my mantra to become one would be CUSP itself.

C- Community, a safe and sound one.

U – Unique, an example setter which provides the model to a different part of the world.

S – Self Sufficient, able to manage resources efficiently. Not just increase taxes which seems like a temporary break fix for all solutions in current scenarios. Also, retrospect on how to return valuable resource like a tax to the people.

P- Parenting days for newly born for new parents and also taking care of old parents.  Parenting Days Off!

Our common stop came and I was told from my current role there is a potential cusp of becoming a Politician. I thanked and smiled believing there is another one which I shared, ” A writer on the cusp of becoming an author”

tuesday o3.jpg

After voting I say – There is a writer in all of us and let that count too”  What do you say?


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