Happy Climb – Yes, to the 94th Floors!

via Daily Prompt: Champion

In the late last year of 2015, near Christmas time I was thinking what new in the new year of 2016. Well, running was not an option in the Cold Winter of Chicago so came across this Hancock Hustle of 94 floors with an additional cause of raising donations for research for pure air, lungs, banning on smoking etc. Seems challenging in the beginning and like anything this five outlined it worked out well.

Believe in self:

Believe in yourself is a good old adage and you can do anything with good thoughts, planning, actions and continuously measuring the outcome. I had a goal in my mind to do it around 20 minutes and which actually happened.

If you don’t ask, The answer will always be _ _:

I started approaching to colleagues, friends, and family if you believe in me and the cause and you have a budget for the donations please click the link. Work and Life are busy for all of us and by reminding them if I did not get the first time, the outcome of donations made me one of the Champions. Even if you ask sometimes the answer will be No and at least you asked for it and I respect No.


People asked why this and why not that, my simple answer at this point of time my commitment is to make this happen and my work, family life can be integrated into this effort. For next time, let’s work together to build the synergy for the great cause and Prioritize it.

Be the movement:

People have real reasons and they say they do not have access to stairs or stair master for practice. Totally in agreement and there is few exercise which enables the real tasks of climbing for example planks, twists and they are the real gift at the end. My suggestion ‘be on the movement’ and it could be as simple as walking and talking over the phone or standing up and working. There are things we do as a task and they are things which help in enabling the tasks. Both are equally important!

An example of Bamboo Tree and magical 4-7-8:

In one of the practices of 30 floors and thank you for gathering for champions, I learned two beautiful techniques from one of the earlier experts [a]. Be like a bamboo tree – Strong and Flexible. [b].Breathing technique to control oneself and its 4 seconds of inhaling, 7 seconds of hold and 8 seconds of exhaling. These can be a beautiful life long lessons.

Chicago for Wednesday


To your health, and work! Signing off as ‘Champion for the Cause’ from the 95 floor!

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