Denial Cloud

via Daily Prompt: Denial


The cloud of self-denial discharge lethal chemicals,
Darkness and Daunting thoughts comes in abundance,
Which makes harder to deal with the light!
The cloud of self-denial injects,
An Enemy within oneself,
And makes GOD’s Gifted life so Exhausting!
The cloud of self-denial blurs,
The dream which becomes the Nightmarish vision
The whole body becomes Numb with cold even in the hot and humid Summer!
The cloud of self-denial smears,
An illogical fear of fear and is over us.
Leaving one’s faith behind even though it is imprudent
In the cloud of self-denial,
Our anger floats
Our arrogant aimlessly swim.
The animosity between mind and body is on Display.
The whole thing is anything but livid and lunatic.
The other self of us is lurking to eat oneself.



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