Outlier Parking

via Daily Prompt: Outlier

This afternoon I can call myself as an Outlier reason I could understand Geese Talk! Here is my story!

friday 01
Overhead, two Geese around the parking lot were talking and saying why People look for closer parking. I started thinking about their discussion.

I was in planned walking meeting – one round around the building is about 0 .333 miles and 3 rounds make it to a mile. These Geese waited to know if I could find an answer for them just like an outcome from the 15 minutes planned walked meeting.

On my last round, I told Geese for people who are watching their steps, my suggestion is to mark an ‘Outlier Parking’ which would be little isolated from the parking. The slogan would be – If you park your car here and walk towards the office – you will earn 500 steps.

They said this sounds like an excellent idea and what else you can do. To which I told, will have flyers stating – Earn all your saved or unused steps from the Chicago Winter in this Chicago Summer Weather by parking your car in the Outlier Parking (OP).

Outlier Parking 7 Key Benefits:

  1. Take a walk to increase your daily steps from OP to Office.
  2. Minimum twice a day earns you 1000 steps.
  3. Use the stairs for 50% of your climb and for rest take elevator.
  4. Repeat step no 1 and park farther from the store for buying grocery on your way to home. 
  5. (Save Money) Just walk for lunch to restaurants near office and don’t buy. Come back and eat your brown bag.
  6. Plan a walking meeting just like I did today.
  7. (After office) Walk over to visit your neighbors to check on them – How they are doing and take them along with you to check on their neighbors.

Repeat Step 1, Step 3 and Step 7 and you will be a good Outlier.



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