Shh! Spring unraveled!!

via Daily Prompt: Unravel

It was Spring of 1962, an era of 35th President John F. Kennedy… grandfather started his story for his Grandkids in the bedtime and wanted to unravel his time with his parents how and what they did during the Spring break or during the spring. He ( The Grandpa) still believes once he unravels those days – the digitized kids of today can still have so much fun in their tender age.

Grandpa started the feeling of seeing something as an outcome gives an immense pleasure and joy. Kids got their Video of Ipad to capture the voice and story of their Grandpa.  Light, Action, and Capture!

Unravel No. 1 from 1962

Plant vegetation in your backyard or for those who does not have backyard buy a pot or rent a place. Grandpa says to do these five sub things:

  1. Buy a seed of favorite vegetation – Tomato, Squash, Bell Pepper etc.
  2. Clean up the grass on the ground and put mud in the pot.
  3. Plant the seeds.
  4. Water it time to time in right quantity.
  5. Wait for Sun to provide energy to germinate.
  6. Repeat and
  7. Most important have patience.

This project is already in their yard.

Unravel No. 2 Family is all we got! 

A family was the most integral part of 1962 and still is and the Granpa started…How could we not talk about family when a family’s all that we got? We will go Hiking, Biking or Walking and captures Photos. Let’s compare those captured photos from those 60’s and now. It will be a similar experience even though we have digitized. Grand Kids were very excited to make it happen.

They have already started walking and biking…hiking is in their soon to do list. And repeat all of it.

and Finally, Unravel No 3:

Money matters and its all about the Pocket Money…Grand Pa said I know this is the year of the cashless or more digital way to pay but the old way of earning easy money by doing a car wash in the neighborhood would help the pockets of young one’s and get rid of cash of young by heart. We can also mow the lawn and start our entrepreneurship training which would help us to learn about money, budget, revenue, profit and loss, and pay some tax in the form donating money to local charities. 

Kids, says like spring flowers blooming they also seeing some greens in their Wallet which is most of the time kept in the closet as nowadays all payment is through the plastic or over the net.



…Shh they kept the secret of their GrandPa and kept doing all spring along which leaped their value of Co-creating, Family Values, and Money Matters!


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