A Timely Letter 

Date: 13th April of 1977.

My Dearest Grand Kids,

Trust this letter finds you in great spirits. In this, you will find the importance of doing or making things happen in a timely manner.

  1. Education from elementary to master. Make sure you are focused to get this eighteen years of education.
  2. Be active while getting point no. 1. sports, extracurricular, and some spiritual activities. Remember life is parallel, not sequential. 
  3. Marry young and marry for good heart. If you get beauty along with it, that’s blessing!
  4. Have kids when both of your biological clocks are at peak. Remember if you have kids when you both are young their grandparents will be young too. This will give ample time and energy to play grandkids with their grandparents.
  5. Travel the World – take cruise and safari when old and when young hike and be involved in adventures activists.

We are looking for results, not reasons.

Yours Ever Lovingly



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