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Question: When did we first got measure?
As far as my memory or record goes and if I can speak for most of us – The first measurement of any human being is done at pediatrician office in the very first ultrasound when they are inside their Mom.

Well, from any human being Measure of Measure ( MOM) starts as early as 8 weeks of gestational age inside the tummy of Mom.

Hence, the measure of us starts from birth till next birth and its goes on, the sooner we take this as part of our life all the outcome would lead to satisfactions and happiness.

What do you say?

As they say, ” What we can measure we can improve and improve is the only change we all should be looking for”.

Our parents have made a difference a significant one in our life by bringing us to this Mother Earth. At the time of birth, we get our first measurement certification stating 21 inches, 7 lbs.etc.

As the journey continues in our academic we entice our goal and its outcomes are measured how or what we are going to become in adulthood.

The achievement of career life is measured by what profession we are in and how the life is shaping us.

Seamlessly who integrate work, life and everything in between are up to par and raises the bar to accept the challenge of life which comes to them. In this family life reform self and society as we compliment each other in this phase of life.

Extend the scope of life by learning new things or working on your hobby.

Moral of the MOM, ” Make it larger than life”.



7 thoughts on “MOM

  1. The idea of learning new things or working on a hobby is an interesting one. It can bring joy and we should all probably do that more, but when things are so competitive in the work world I think sometimes people avoid those things that could bring joy out of concern it will lower how they’re measured at work.

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