A Conversation with Crazy Self


This Saturday morning, I woke up in cranky mood reason I dreamed about as no one is believing in my idea which I shared them in my recent post. I am interviewing not anyone but myself to find the crazy self in this five (beautiful) questions and you can also answer these questions.

Some of us or all of us are born with one quality or many of similar qualities which we call intensely and passionately enthusiastic about something. For some, it’s easy to find, for some its take time, for some it’s discouraged when they share with others, and some still continue and make it big. We all know if those people would have listened to others we would have been devoid by Theory of Gravity and Relativity, Peter Pan, Harry Potter etc.

Here is my Q&A in Cranky State:

Q: Why do you think everyone should talk to their crazy self?
A: One no one else would understand first, so making one understand and getting familiar with is very important. It’s like one’s kids and no one dislikes their kids no matter how they are!
Q: What personal significance does the subject have for others?
A: Don’t let anyone tell you that your idea is not of any value. It may not be but it is up to you to make it and radiate it with a differentiator, for example, there was so many Search Engine before Google but they indexed it so properly that all earlier search engine can only be searched through Google.

Q: Was there a time or friend who appreciated your Crazy Self?
A: Initially some made fun of it but then eventually the same people came and told can you guide us how did you go about it. As they say, Action speaks louder!.

Q: What are the advantage of having Crazy Self?
A: There is Zeal in you which provides all the energy to make it come true.

Q: What’s the takeaway?
A: Yes I can, Yes We Can, and Yes You Can.

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11 thoughts on “A Conversation with Crazy Self

  1. I like the questions. They remind me of a confluence model of creativity put forth by Bob Sternberg and Todd Lubart in their book, Defying the Crowd. A couple key ingredients they mention are motivation, loving what you do, and persistence.in overcoming obstacles and opposition,

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  2. Who were you talking to when you wrote this? This reminds me of my PHD dissertation, only longer. You never got a PHD. I would have if I had gone college. This conversation is crazy. Exactly!
    This piece brought out the best in me. Love that crazy self.

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