How to get Jolt Everyday

via Daily Prompt: Jolt

In the deep wood, Ramki was walking in the Himalaya as he could not climb the summit. He came across a Saint who was deep in meditation.  Ramki waited for Saint eyes to open so that he could get his questions answered.

After 7 hours of waiting, Ramki got an opportunity to talk to the Saint. Most of the questions what Ramki was going to ask Saint already knew but Ramki did not what answer he will hear from Saint.

Ramki tried to open his recorder to record but the battery was all drained down luckily he has pencil and paper.

Q1: Who are you asked the Saint?

Ans: I am Ramki was in the group for the Summit and a big avalanche appeared out of nowhere and all I remember after that I am here in front of you. Yes, I have my own company.

Q2. Who are you asked Ramki to the Saint?

Ans: I am a Running Monk and I am here in a retreat for a month and today is the end of that day. Time to go back and practice and preach what I have learned here. Let me give you a ride and answers to your questions.

Q3: Where are you from asked Ramki to Running Monk?

Ans: I am a CEO of a Solutions thru Meditation company and I take a sabbatical of 30 days in this deep forest to learn how to run through a solutions of a bigger problem and challenges which we face from our day to day activities. I have been doing this since last 20 Years and this has helped to improvise and find my succession.

Q4. When is meditation meaningful or brings positivity?

Ans: Great question Ramki, what I learned Meditation is of two types:

a) One which gives you escapism from the problem, in other words, you run away from the problem and

b) Another you do to find the solutions in other words you run to find the solutions.

Q5. Why action is important?

Ans: Action is like a positive Jolt for example if you put cold water in face of sleeping person, have you observed the momentum they wake up or if someone who accidently sits on a hot bench in a park how quickly the person gets up. The momentum after the person reaction what I just said should continue to bring an outcome.

Q6: What part is most difficult in the whole process?

Ans: Bringing mind to the current state. Are you with me and believe the answer is yes reason you are listening and keeping note of it. Sometimes people only hear part of it as their mind is wandering in the concrete jungle to acquire what other people has like a bigger house, dream car etc.  This does bring happiness for a moment but then it goes into the superlative mode.

Q7: Which answers did you like the most asked the Running Monk?

Ans: All are good and to be specific, I was not aware of meditating to find the solutions rather than running away from the Problem.

Q8: How often we should practice?

Ans: Four times a day for 4 minutes each and you can do at 8 am, 12 O’clock, 4 pm, and 8 pm.

Q9: Any more question Running Monk asked Ramki, if not can you summarize this in minutes of the meeting?

Ans: Take away…definitely looks like a good Roadmap on this piece of paper and Ramki shook his hand with Running Monk and looked at his hand he has no paper -pencil but his Phone and the time was 6:59 am.

Ramki got a nice Jolt to start the day after his 7.30 hours of sleep and his dream discussion with Running Monk.















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