How Tina made Opaque into Transparent

via Daily Prompt: Opaque

Bina, a small town girl has grown up in Tennesse mountains and  her childhood was different than any of her age group in that area and any part of the USA. She grew up in farm land raising cattle, growing vegetables and writing blogs everyday. One thing she wanted today’s generation kids to experience nature by getting them involved in the process.

She wrote one-page proposal to get city kids to come and be with nature but her idea was very Opaque and the sponsor was not sure how fruitful this would be in a digital age when every kid is distracted by the device which seems like part of their body and checking every 7 minutes or less.

Her one-page proposal was made into an airplane which last Christmas, Tina found in the resort guest house where she was visiting with her family. There was something about this white airplane which caught Tina’s attentions more than all those notifications pinging on her smartphone. She carefully started doing the reverse engineering to make it back to the sheet of paper with all the information intact.

Tina called Bina’s phone and set up an appointment for the cup of hot cocoa in the middle of the mountains. Tina was of the same age of Bina and her birthday was on the same day. They were different and similar in one respect – both wanted to write one Fiction and other Non-Fiction. Tina was more on non-fiction. She promised to write the proposal and send it again to the same agency for the sponsorship.

Tina’s proposal was expected and her proposal was:

In today’s digital world it’s very important for kids to be with nature for 10 days without a phone but they will be given a Mac to write their thesis and exchange emails with their parents twice a day without any attachments. They will learn how to concentrate on things on hand rather than getting distracted so easily with any notification in today’s world of any kind – good, bad or ugly. By end of 10 days, we promise kids will be more mindful in their day to day chores, value food and appreciate everyone around. Our mantra it’s all Matter of Practice and we are practicing how to concentrate on right things.

This spring break there was the first batch of class and it was a huge success! I heard they are starting for adults like us – Tina and Bina asking are you interested!!


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