Smile from Mom and Chuckle from Dad

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Once upon a time not long ago well, this is a story of a family which most of us would love to have and in this, there is a family of four. Mom and Dad their beautiful twins a boy and a girl. They lived near beach surrounded by mountains.  The family had their own business which they acquired from the Dad side but that business did not have value, so Dad started everything from scratch.

Dad worked hard, got married to his sweetheart from school. He purchased his first house, and his wife made it to Home by devoting her time and then they had these beautiful twins. The only identical thing between twins was both got a smile from their Mom and chuckle from Dad.

Kids got all the right educations, the value of family, society, and community. They made their Dad first house to heaven and of course, Mom was responsible for making it a Home by bringing positive vibes by worshipping daily both morning and evening. Keep things in place and even though she had help but she took a keen interest. Everyone in the family helped each other to make their first House to Home to Heaven.

Everyone who visited their house wants to imitate but there is a lot of planning, practice, preserving of faith is needed.

The passerby used to say GOD bless this home always who has twins with a smile of Mom and chuckle from the Dad.








4 thoughts on “Smile from Mom and Chuckle from Dad

  1. I like how it seemed as though we were going one direction then boom you changed course, this story is very relatable and it’s funny that once those were my dreams, now I am not so sure. But a smile from mom and a chuckle from dad sounds very convincing, thanks for this really enjoyed it…

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