via Daily Prompt: Fry

Hi, my name is Fry, Love (  Love Fry)  How do you do?
This morning, a person introduced me which sounded different and then I realized even Bond, James ( James Bond) used to do in all his movies. I am doing very well. I have a story to tell you and it’s about a compound chemicals called C2F.( I believe we all know about C02)

Once upon a time 400 years ago, there was a family who was blessed with a cry which used to fry Potato, Beans, Fish, and Chicken. They had this wonderful restaurant where guest used to come 4 days a week to eat their specialty.  Sounds interesting, right!

My head nodded by default to an affirmative.

Love continued, the house of the lady has this special skill and no one knew till one day she started crying in front of the food when they did not have any means to cook.  The potato became fries, and her whole family was surprised. On that night, she saw a dream where she was hearing a poem and it goes like:

Learn How to Fry, Love!
If You can’t Fry!
Learn How to Bake!
If You can’t Bake!
Learn How to Boil!
If You Can’t, do all just Cry and all the food in front of you will be fried.

Next morning, she got cut potatoes, catfish, chicken, and beans. She cried a happy one which released a secret chemical and all items became fried.

The secret of C2F is still secret and our Fry, Love( Love Fry)  is still trying to replica the history from Once Upon a Cry which cooked Healthy Fry foods!

Do any of you know?




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