Spike in Human Loss

via Daily Prompt: Spike

[ 7000 miles apart on our ( Dad and I ) regular call. We normally talk day in a life and some interesting things. Today, while watching  TV my Dad heard the word ‘Toothless Lion’ for a Cricket Team which were not performing well in the IPL game. This word traversed him to two places instantly 1. An article which he read a long time back, and 2. Chicago Field Museum. When I heard him, thought this could be a good story to share with my fellow WordPress Readers (new and old), and Writers (budding and professional)].

Spike in Human Loss, is what comes to my mind. `

Once upon in a 19th century, many Indians were brought to Kenya to help in building railroads. This was one of the hardest jobs, long hours, harsh weather conditions, new places, and not good hygiene or medical conditions.  One common thing many workers were killed in the whole process. They built 600 plus miles and every mile if one calculates its like 3 to 4 people died. I do not have the exact number but during those time in between, there was a spike in Human Loss. This spike created an alert, and they found there was two toothless lion who prey on hard working and tired human being. After many deaths of human beings, the toothless lions was hunted down by one of the Colonel.

The Lion skin sold and bought many times from then, research was done why those lions lost the tooth and why after loosing became Man-eater and hunted many tired workers who worked many hours to build the railroad.

The question, I have was hunting down necessary maybe then they were in not in the extinct category.  Their population is gone done in recent time and hoping in the controlled environment if not spike at least remain the same. What do you all say?



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