Smart Phone 

I have a smartphone bed and my phone sleeps for 8 hours. Mathematically, if my phone has a life span of 99 years it sleeps for 33 years.

Why I am telling you all about my smartphone bed?

This lets me sleep in my bed. Man and machine in harmony.

What if you wake up early or in middle of the night? Will you check on it?

The short answer is No.  Like this Saturday morning, I woke up an hour early. I started reading a book and after few pages  went to bed again. This reminded me of back to basic days. Woke up very fresh and days are in harmony.

To make things in harmony – what few things come to your mind?

Well, it’s listening to your Heart, take Action, show Results, be Mindful, Organize your life health, wealth and spirituality, Never give up and say Yes to all good things.

Well, it is a time of the night and my smartphone has worked hard and ready for the smartphone bed.

Isn’t it smart?




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