via Daily Prompt: Harmony

Once upon a Village, there was a Ynomrah in a beautiful mountain on a down south with ample amount of The Sunshine throughout the year with all four seasons. People also were friendly as the place itself. There was a beautiful river, farmers growing enough to sustain the whole populations and export. There were an Agriculture universities where scholars came to do research to optimize farming to eradicate property by growing plant-based proteins, carbs, and natural fat.

People were generally healthy, still, as a process, they got one ambulance for their hospital. We all know an ambulance is written-as-ecnalubma. The new Director added the name of the village Ynomrah which seemed like an excellent idea.

One day, when a Priest of the other village came to meet the folks, he saw two words in the rear view mirror of his Ford Model T. It read Ambulance Harmony.

He requested Priest of the Village to spell the name of the Village backward.

How on earth we did not realize our Village spelled backward is Harmony? Everyone said unionmously who were gathered to celebrate the EarthDay.

Both, the name of the Village Harmony and EarthDay was announced on 22nd April of 1970.

People celebrate every year on the 22nd April – Earthday and a Harmony day said the GrandPa of Harry And Manny to the whole crowd gathered on the Town Square. We still have the river, the Universities, and everything in our Harmony.




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