Story of Sunday Brunch


We were invited for the Sunday Brunch in the same neighborhood but a different Zip Code. This neighborhood is a brand new and they do not have the assigned ZIP ( Zonal Improvement Plan) code yet.

RELAX Sunday:

Sunday I got up little late and wanted to go for running instead went for Biking. This change in plan for two reasons 1. Sunday morning was cold and chilled and did not want to sweat too much. 2. Wanted to cover more miles in the same time and wheels helps. I believe we all will agree invention of the wheel is amazing.

Can you name few other amazing invention of our times?

Well, got some cool photos and miles on my bike ride. Came back home got ready and reached to our friend’s place. We were second to arrive there and last to leave. It’s never a complaint coming first and leaving last.


Sunday Morning 



The food was delicious and so many choices right from Fish to Shrimp and everything in between. After appetizer asked all my friends to come out for a walk as they have walking trail next to their backyard. After 2 miles of a walk, we had a good main course. At the time of the dessert, I totally forgot its Sunday reason I was in two minds to eat or not to eat reason my mind said to eat it and then go for a run next day thinking next day would be Sunday. Well, I enjoyed last part of the meal thinking will do quick few miles on early Monday morning.


There were enough carbs from the Sunday brunch so Monday morning run was an easy one. The run provided me enough clarity on the start of the week.


Monday Morning Early Run.



BB&RR: Bike, Brunch, Run and Repeat!


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