Meet Mr. G. Ray

This is a story of Mr. G. Ray.
He made sure, he gets every day Sun Ray.
Winter was all Gray.
Spring was all Wet.
Summer was all UV Rays.
Fall was all Sun Rays.
This was his story of his life

Then one day Mr. G. Ray saw the TV Commercials
He started taking Pills, for Vitamin D
Mr. G. Ray wanted to make the intake temporary
So, Mr. G. Ray downsized his home to a new one.
A new penthouse is made of all Glasses.
With all the lights of day and night.
Too much of anything is bad, is what he realized.
Mr. G. Ray name out of the Penthouse has become Mr. Gray
A detective knocked on the door looking for Mr. Gray
Mr. G. Ray said it’s Ray, Good! Popularly known as Mr. G. Ray!!



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