Don’t Forget Your Roots

via Daily Prompt: Roots

It was the year 2009, my parents visited and stayed with us for a month. They liked this place for some reasons and they love their place for other reasons.

In their own words from the O’Hare Airport:


  1. People in America think about their house, society, community, and county. Whereas, in India, more focused on their house.
  2. Infrastructure Road, Electricity, Water, and other basic amenities are for every citizen of America whereas some people in India is deprived of it.
  3. Two parties system helps whereas multiple political parties disrupt the rate of progress.
  4. Plantation of trees and reserved forest area concept is really green whereas this kind of work is very minimal in India
  5. More than Day Light Saving, they liked different time zone for different part of the country.  Well, I heard India eastern part has a different time zone.


  • More money spent on Jails than schools
  • Everything on sale for people to buy more than they need. Creating unnecessary wants.
  • 25% wastage of electricity or energy or fuel
  • Family values are degrading, individualism is in rising and most who suffers are kids.
  • Insurance is all time high, no free health care for elders like other rich countries.

They said, ” Don’t forget your roots.” Have a best of both World and keep imparting to the family

  1. Practice Yoga regularly.
  2. Taking Bath before Breakfast and Worshipping
  3. Follow Holi ( Festival of Color), Diwali ( Festival of Lights) – Spread colors and lights
  4. Eat spices – it’s good for heart, body, and mind
  5. Train yourself and kids to Climb Mount Everest.



8 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Roots

  1. Your post demonstrates what most of the people seem to lose track of. What we have isn’t supposed to be what we are. Individualism is cultural norm and explains why we don’t care about seniors, poor and children as much as rest of the world. There is no obligation to elderly like there should be and used to be.

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  2. The USA is far from being perfect, but it has many opportunities that you cannot get in other countries. Is climbing Mount Everest a metaphor for reaching a goal?

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