Know Thy Roots


Imagine breakfast on a Wednesday morning with your kid. In our case, we talked about the weather, activities in pre-school, office, and finally landed to his question – What is the Word of the Day? I said its Roots. And what exactly it means apart from the tree or plant roots. To which I said,” Know Thy Roots.”

Interesting is the word which comes from the mouthful of Cheerios. Literally gobbling I was asked to elaborate on it. I said to know your Roots we have to go where we have come from or great grandfather would have come from – we have to know at least five things and they are:

Religion: The belief in and why we worship in a certain way defines our religion. How do we know one’s religion is to study, observe and follow up the right path.He added like festivals and daily rituals. I said, Yes!
Omniscient: Knowing the values of everything we do for example cooking food in certain ways.
Oneness: Our acts should be all integrated – the way we for example study/work, play/exercise, eat/enjoy, spiritual/sleep.
Thankfulness: Be aware of things which are important to us and others and appreciative of a benefit.
Serene: Life is not easy all the time but there is always a mantra to overcome the situational things by being calm and peaceful and works towards it.

Be close to your roots value and reach out to the sky. He said I know what you are going to write today, ” Know Thy Roots”





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