Blanket Fear

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

What if?
10. The Earth starts spinning from East to West.
9. All the top 8 richest people take their wealth along with them when they leave the World.
8. Dinosaurs from the Museums you are visiting come alive and start questioning why they are inside the four walls.
7. You are walking and see someone in a bad dress, the first thing which comes to the mind –  I am going to be robbed.
6. Aliens invade Earth and take everyone cell phones. Kids and many adults of today’s time will be shocked and would not know what to do in all 24 hours.
5. Rivers starts flowing in opposite directions.
4. All cars are Tesla in 2020, electricity price will spike.
3. Bank starts paying Interest rate 10% percent more, the bank will have more money to safeguard.
2. Social Security vanishes just the day you announced your retirement.

1. Someone just took your blanket away while you were dreaming all these while sleeping in your backyard.



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