What no one tells you about Perfume?

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

It was the year 1300, people used to travel many miles on their Camel to meet Saint Perfume to find out what would be their unique Perfume for them which would give them positive vibe throughout the day 24*7*363 days of the year.  I will come to why not 365 days in the end.

Saint Perfume used to find out their BMI, and it is not what we call it in today’s world to find out if we are obese or not. This BMI test was – Body, Mind, and Intellectual. The BMI were of 7 types ( P, E, R, F, U, M, and E) according to Saint Perfume.

Saint Perfume asked all the fellow travelers to think and note their breath for two days. This breath intake has to be from their stomach, refresh their mind and eventually write-up what they experienced at the end of two days. Their whole thing was noted by the Saint and given the result of the BMI. The price per 363 ounces bottle was 247 EGP.

The categories would fall under the following:

  • Personality: Person with character, superstar, or notable would get perfume PY.
  • Energy: Person with vigor, life would get perfume EY.
  • Richness: Special skill in one’s voice, were given perfume RS.
  • Freshness: Person bringing live to a familiar story, would get perfume FS.
  • Uniqueness: Person one of its kind, would get perfume US.
  • Memory: Person who can easily remember anything and everything from his past 7 lives, would get perfume MY.
  • Excitement: Person passionate to bring excitement in all, would get perfume ET.

Now, the other two days from 365, where to just cleanse by taking a good bath, think nothing and at the end write everything about Perfume how did it help or hurt their 363 days.

Fast Forward 2017, we just found a message in a bottle from Perfume Saint on the harbor of Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean which has a question for all of us-

Q: Why do you wear perfume for and what’s your favorite one and how much you are paying for it?




16 thoughts on “What no one tells you about Perfume?

  1. A mind a terrible thing to waste. Yours is definitely not being wasted, may be overworked but not wasted. Your creative imagination is amazing. You post “are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”. Write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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