Once upon a Yarn

via Daily Prompt: Yarn

Once upon a Yarn, there was a competition in the forest who can knit best between Tortoise and a Hare. This knitting was with their legs, so you get the picture they have to walk, run or crawl 26.2 miles to finish the Project.

Everyone in the Forest knows:

  1. Tortoise is slow when it comes to moving.
  2. Hare is fast.
  3. Folks in the forest had to pre-vote and then decide whose knitting is the best after the finish line.

The saying, “Historical Data is only the sign of indication and no guarantee for future prediction” were very apt on the foggy, raining, gray, wet and cold day which was very unusual for this time of the year.

Rain or Shine things has to happen. The whistling monkey whistled and the race started, this race was not against each other but against the distance. This was very clear to both of them.

Both had an advantage, Hare raced fast and knitting was done faster and to make it dry the Hare stopped under the tree whereas Tortoise used the shell to protect and kept going.

Both of their knittings was coming good – one had a beautiful pattern and other was crisp and well designed just like a machine-made.

At the finish line even after taking rest Hare made it to the first and a few seconds away Tortoise came the second or in this case last. Their product where two different piece – one for the Beach and other for the exercise.

The Tortoise was published in the recent TIME and Hare was in STAR. At the end of the day, the price was decided and whose dress looked best on the Magazine Stall.

The best dress build price goes to Tortoise this TIME.

photo for sun01.jpg



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