Waiting – A Movie Review

Weekend Movie Review and it’s Waiting. A retired professor played by N. Shah married for 40 years and a 26-year young model newly married by Dil Chatha Hai yes her Kalki.

They both met in the Waiting room or hall of a very renowned hospital in Cochin. Both of their spouses are in Coma and how they go through their 5 stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance is very well narrated in this Indie movie. The language is harsh but acceptable.

An abusive Uncle of Monsoon Wedding ( Watch this movie if you want to understand Indian Marriage) Mr. Rajat Kapoor has played the role of a Senior Doctor and believe he did play so nicely as I can relate to my last year encounter with Doctors when my Mother was in one of this kind of hospital. These kind of hospital are self-sufficient in terms of taking care of even their guest staying in a hotel next to the hospital and of course, it comes with a price. Shiva while taking care of his wife in a coma for 8 months had to put everything in the mortgage again and then also there was refusal for a loan. Luckily, Tara’s husband had good Insurance and rich.

The best part how the Director Anu Menon brings two or actually three things which are a very eye opener and very impactful:
1. Facebook: Tara ( Kakli) says how she has 1499 friends in Facebook and none at this time to Shiva ( Naseeruddin)
2. Twitter: She has 5000 plus followers and to which Shiva ask, ” What is Twitter?. And she explains it is a notice board. You follow others and others follow you. It does not make sense to her all those shallowness.
3. How a senior Dr. Malhotra teaches his Junior to give a bad news.

I would say must borrow your copy from the library to watch the movie Waiting, as all have performed very well.


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