You’re _ _ RED

via Daily Prompt: Apprentice

What did you fill up, if its FI – You’re are FIRED and if its HI – You’re HIRED. This is the entrance test to get in the most renowned company on the planet Mars.

The choice is yours and let me tell you, ” April Apprentice  may bring May Leader”

It was about 4 decades ago, a fresh graduate landed in the Mars and did very well in the entrance exams and wrote Hi. The roadmap was created during the Apprentice and has been the valuable information to provide it to the new apprentice.


9 Steps from Apprentice to a Leader 

May Leader was declared and for last three times, it has proven to work.  The common three things they still do from their Apprentice and Leader role:


  • They meditate for 15 minutes in the beginning of the day – Morning Meditation.
  • They Walk and Talk for 45 minutes @3pm – Speak up your Mind without Fear.
  • They Retrospect every Friday – 2 Hours slow lunch on Friday.

APRIL Apprentice Brings MAY Leaders and it’s a ten steps process as stated in the photo

  1. Aspiration – Keep the end in the mind. Why I am here?
  2. Passionate – Have a strong belief.
  3. Plan – Continue on the path, validate and modify if required.
  4. Respect – Build your esteem, respect others and yourself.
  5. Engage – Self and others.
  6. Nurture – Help others to help thyself.
  7. Teamwork- Work together to make it Eff ( icient/ ective).
  8. Innovate – Introduce new, something new.
  9. Creative – Bring originality
  10. Encourage – Uplift.


(There is an )APP (for) RENT ( till) ICE. Give me HI -FI and you are _ _ RED!


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