via Daily Prompt: Control

It was the year 2013, the month of May and Day 2nd after running few miles before going for an important meeting something flashed to me and it’s the quote which became mine, “Mind, Muscle, and Money if you do not control you lose”.

This meeting was about how to finish the Project in the budget we have had and I had my idea so is everybody else in the meeting.

I started with my M 3 and got people attentions and wrote on the White Board – If one does not control their Mind, Muscle, and Money they are going to lose it. I added the state of our Project is in the same state.

I paused for a minute or two for all to sink into my quote. When I had their attention and told the team by giving an analogy – We will go with the 5 out 10 functionality by prioritizing it, we will make it lean looking, and work on the resource we have left with and the timeline is 12 weeks. I also demonstrated weekly plan with a milestone and outcome.

Well by end of 12 weeks we completed and celebrated our victory and also kicked off the new project.

* M-Cube is Mind, Muscle, and Money!

I say,  “Mind, Muscle, and Money if you do not control you lose”

What do you say?




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