Twice as Productive

Once upon a Control, not 1 or 2 but 5 I tried them for a Week And Became Twice As Productive. Well if Productive is a strong word as it’s difficult to quantify then the right word be Energy. I felt an ample amount of energy within. Here is my Control practice which I am preaching with you all.  Let me know what your experience been:

  1. Switch off or put your cell phone to sleep for 8 hours. ( I did 11 pm to 7 am). For day time puts off your notification for things like Social Media, News etc. Go and visit those on your bio break.
  2. Don’t watch TV after or during Dinner or in Night. ( Go back to basic read paper newspaper/ play chess/ or spend some time with Family or Friends). On a side note visit your friends on the corner over weekdays just like old days don’t wait for weekends. Life is too short to have fun only over weekends.
  3. Be a mindful eater. Give it a break to Junk Foods. Eating four times in a day like 8 am, 12 o’clock, 4 pm and 8 pm would be ideal. Make your time which suits you but for a week stick to it.
  4. Walk ( or Run)  for 30 minutes in the morning by observing nature. No music, listen to nature. And
  5. Take a warm cup of yellow milk ( no sugar, few drops of Turmeric powder) and read your favorite book or do mindful breathing before going to sleep.


That’s my week long Control Story and would like to know if something controlled you or vice verse. 

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