A & Q

Count your Blessing:

A: Today is 123 day of 2017.

Q: How has been your 123 days and how many days remaining for the year?

In conversation with the cashier:

A: Today, on a brief stop at a grocery store to pick few items like Corn, Jalapeno, Pear,  Lime etc was a different reason all these items were on sale per item. For example Corn 15 cent each, Jalapeno 5 cent each…so you get the picture. The cashier has to count each item unlike just putting it in a weighing machine.

Q: Isn’t we forgot to count fast as most of our counting is done by machine?

A: The machine counting answer was a big Yes and added I have been counting and believe me, it’s much faster at your time reason it’s all Matter of Practice.

Q: What do you think?

A: I don’t have to think, I know it.

Q: Do You?

On Radio news which caught my attentions:

A: Farmers are in Wisconsin is selling their cows as they (cows) have started to give more milk. The supply is more than demand.

Q: Why can’t Farmer sell more milk?

In today’s phone call my Dad told about an act of good deed and Breakfast:

A: There was a woman in New Jersey station waiting for a train and fall into a track. A gentleman left his bag on the platform ( which eventually someone stole) and saved the woman. The police awarded $1000.00 for his bag. He said it would not cost and return some money to the Police.

Q: Why did woman fall on the track?

A: The woman told the reporter that she has not done the breakfast in the morning, and she felt dizzy and fell on the track. Thanks to the gentleman who saved her.

Q: What is the most important part of the meal?









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