Bill to Pay – None

Morris was a very hard-working kid and used to help his parents in the household chorus. His younger brother Micheal learned everything from his brother and started helping both his brother and parents.

This help consisted from Laundry, Lawn Mowing, Snow Removal, Dish Washing, and Vacuuming. These were a standard type of work with occasional help on getting the grocery mainly Cheese, Egg, Milk, Yogurt, Fresh Vegetables from the Sams Farms located a mile away in the corner of Hope and Faith. This part was fun as they got their walk and weight lifting. This was three times in a week.

This helping each other was very well established in their ecosystem of their home and well appreciated in their extended family and friends circle.

In the spring break, two of their distant cousins Lynch and Larry came to stay with them and when they saw all these they were very surprised.  They learned all those things and started helping their parents when they went back to their home.

Their parents were very surprised as kids came back learning something valuable other than getting lost in the digital devices.  Larry one time shared their story how spring break vacation has changed them with his friends Bob who gave him an idea of charging their parents for all the work. Lynch did not approve this idea but Larry made his sheet:

April Bill Total: $42.00 

  1. Laundry and Folding: $1.00*3 (times)*4 = $12.00
  2. Dish Washing ($0.50 * 30) = $15.00
  3. Lawn Mowing ( $5.00*2) = $10.00
  4. Vacuuming( $1.25*4) = $5.00
  5. Snow Removal( $10*0) = $0.00

Parents were happy to see the bill and Dad were about to pay but Mother intervene this is not the right way and we should teach them a lesson. The Mom created the bill below and send it to Larry by Postal Service.

Our Bill: 

  1. Making you all sleep by reading your same book till the new one: $0.1*365days*5years= $18.25
  2. Watching your same video with you 108 times: $.10*108= $10.80
  3. Eating your baby food spinach leftover for not wasting food: $ 12.95

When Tom received the envelope in the mail and went running to his sister Lynch for help. She added, ” I told you not to get into this just because someone told you”. In my mind,  that’s a bad influence.  Let’s fix this by making a creating a handmade Thank You note stating:

  • Paid in Full with your Bill.
  • Due: None.
  • We will keep doing our chorus and you parents save money for our College.




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