Princess Pari was supposed to go into the Penthouse to meet the Prince but the Butler pressed the Roof Button which one above 107, if that would have been the floor it would have been button no 108. 

Seeing this Princess Pari panicked but kept herself under control and within 108 seconds they were on the Roof Terraces. She was escorted out and there was a Big Drone waiting for them. Data for destination was already read through the eye. They reached Planet Mars and the person dressed in butler introduced himself as PK and proposed Princess Pari. They got married in Planet Mars and went for their honeymoon to Planet Pluto. Together they have 108 kids who after getting educated from Planet Earth has made Mars as a vacation Planet for all the people to visit from Earth and there is no VISA required but one condition not to get panicked when butler press the Roof instead of Penthouse. 



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