What’s your lifestyle? 


What’s your life style – Simple question and always keep one thinking before even attempting to answer. Hence, this question takes a backseat.  And, you will have the same question divided into two parts – one imposed as a question and other as a comment. 

Q. How is life? The quickest answer depending on which part of the earth you are would be:

US: Good. 

UK: Great 

And Rest of World: They read their life script to you and the person who asked the question will think when is this person going to stop or ever the person going to finish in this life. May be I would have exaggerated a bit but it’s true to some extent. 

The comment would be – I love your hair style or dress style or shoes style. 

The reaction to this comment comes in two parts 1.  Smile a big smile and 2. Thank you.  For one comment you get two things in back. Have you complimented anyone today. If not do it. It could be as simple as reading someone’s blog and say the truth – I like your writing style. 

Today, I am sitting on my lunch break to write about lifestyle.

If you ask me the ideal lifestyle is which encompass five things:

1. Excercise like walking/running/Yoga/swimming/biking/ weight resistance and some adventures sports. 

2. Reading and writing every day atleast an hour. 

3. Family and Friend Time. 

4. Vacation and see the world before the soul departs. 


5. Spiritual Sunday. 

That’s my 5 Lifestyle. I am signing off from the Warm, Sunny Friday. Can’t wait to read your write up about Lifestyle and comments. 

Time to ask chalte chalte, ” What’s your lifestyle?  

* chalte chalte is a Hindi words for those who don’t know. It’s means at the time of leaving.


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