Missed Marathon Marriage 

Today, I missed two things 

  1. Half Marathon with my Team in Wisconsin 
  2. My friends marriage in New Jersey 

All the above miss was because of my son participation in  their school Olympiad Event which also was today. The good news they got a second place. So we did get one medal. 

After all work by 3:30 PM I was filling void of not been to two places so I decided to do solo half marathon. On my trail and track there were two marriage happening. I did click photo of marriage photo session. 

At the end touching the finish line – even though I was not part of actual half marathon and my friends marriage but today – completed my half marathon and saw someone’s marriage. 


9 thoughts on “Missed Marathon Marriage 

  1. Sometimes they say – that you have to loose something to gain something. It seems like you had some tough choices to make for the weekends events. It’s a blessed day when you have so many good things to choose from. It also seems like you weighed your pros and cons carefully as I remember you used to do when you were in college. On one hand you had to choose between the wedding of a good college friend which also meant a reunion with college friends After 15/20 years – who flew in/drove from various parts of the country and on the other hand it was your son’s Olympiad. Some events are once in a lifetime and on the other hand some memories like those of your son seeing you at the Olympiad with him are also memories that have a positive impact on the child’s psychology. We definitely missed you at the wedding and hope that maybe all of us can plan a regular reunion – maybe once a year or something.

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