Same Q and Better A

In the middle of a forest when Jim’s truck got stuck, his only hope at that point of time wait until morning and his bow-arrows. All his phones or another mode of communication stopped working. He had no idea how far he was from his destination. 

It was middle of the night and wild animals started coming out and few of them were there to eat this easy prey Mr. Jim.  

Jim had two choice – kills them or killed by them and become their dinner. He prayed to GOD at that point of time and got a better idea. He used all his tranquilizer bows to hit those Wild beasts. 

By morning, there was a help from local folks. To them it seemed Jim and rest of them were waking from a very good night sleep. 

This is one of the favorite stories of Jim and he keep telling to all Kindergarten school students to different part of the World. 

Jim creates a forest by putting indoor trees, some stuff animals, keep toy, bow-arrow. He conclude his story for young minds – How to find better answer in a situational case.

At the end Jim always ask what did they learn from the play. He compiles their answer into a bookmark and keep giving to the students. From the last show it reads. 

  • Believe in GOD
  • Exercise your Body
  • Teach yourself from your Bookshelf. 
  • Think before Action.
  • Eat Mindfully. 
  • Repeat. 

With each play of his in different part of the World – The same question and better answer. He has always a different bookmarks.


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