Exposed, The Weeds

My Sunday’s are dedicated for lawn mowing or anything and everything to do with in and around the house. 

Today, weather being very nice for outside I did three things 

  1. Lawn Mowing. 
  2. Trimming and 
  3. Exposing the Weeds completely out from the ground. 

I started lawn moving early morning and the gas in the machine got over. Quickly, went to the nearest gas station and got the gas in the 2 gallon gas plastic bottle. Filled the gas tank of lawn mower and back to business.  Small interruption like this does not bother me anymore. 

Once the grass was cut to the size, all the weeds were exposed. Wore the gloves and started plucking out from the root. Since, it rained whole of last week, the root of weeds was weak. It was easy to get them out. Please see the picture. The garbage collection is on Thursday, will buy the bag and put the village sticker to get ride of it. 

Third thing, I did trim the bushes and now they look good. 

All cut, trimmed, exposed, and in shape.

 I believe everything looks good when they are in shape. Do you agree? 


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