11th May – Parents Anniversary 

Today, when I wished my parents on their Marriage Anniversary they said it rained then on their wedding day and it did rain today. Rain in this summer time of the year is not common in India. If it rains, its consider auspicious. I will take that as auspicious – No question asked!

It’s been a long journey for them for them taking care of my grandparents, to raising us, building their dream house hoping that one day we all will be with them or at least one of us. I am still crossing my fingers on it!

After retirement, my Dad who worked for Heavy Engineering Corporation for 33 years has a very different type of work. In his first part of life, he was a Sr. General Manager and then after retirement, he is managing the property with multiple tenants. There is a lot involved on the second part of his life – Finding the tenant, finalizing one, collecting rents and paying utility bills in old school way. Some of our tenants are good and some are real problems. Total there is eight families he is managing in the campus as we call it.

On his free time he reads a lot, every day he does crosswords, reads at least three newspaper. I want him to write and believe that part I will have to do for him. I am going to do it.

A few years back he got into Trading thinking of making a lot of money with a lot of money he had and almost all of lost which he sums as, “Out of Greed and Fear”. I am preparing myself or rather pursuing myself to write the book for him. In this loss of money, we did loose few things – like the health of my Mummy as well as my Dad. They did not focus on the core need of their day-to-day activities. We had some gray period and we have overcome that obstacles with a caution not to take that route or how to avoid it.

My mummy is a very social person she can make friends to any strangers in a very short time. Last year when she was admitted to a hospital every nurse, housekeeper and Doctors became her friends and told her your smile is very good and we will treat you well so that you go and spread out to the World. Give it to one does not have and tell others to use more often. Smile!

I believe family or individual should pour the right amount of water aka love to parents as they are like a lighthouse for us in this World Wide World.

 Mrs and Mr Prasad

Pic: I dedicated my 11th May morning run to my parents anniversary.




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