The Final 10 – 7

When it comes to sports I have never been into where there are lot many players. My favorite has been Tennis, Badminton, Eight Balls, and Ping Pong aka Table Tennis. 

Fast Farward – Last year kids were enrolled into soccer and I learned so much just by observing them in this intense game of 45 minutes. There is offence, there is defense and everything inbetween of doing the Goal and screaming in your top voice it’s Goooaal. This soccer also known as football in the rest of the World really requires lots of thing – stamina, thinking, maneuvers, passing to your team members, coordinations and all other sportspersonships qualities. 

In our four seasons we do some fun game in the backyard in a very controlled environment. 

Today, the Goal to reach the Final was 10 and thus the final score was 10 -7 


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