Three Stories 

Power of the Word and today it’s hospitality which is taking me to three places…and three stories of my life. 

10 – 15 Summers:

Once upon a summer vacation or all of the summers we always got into our Dad’s Ambassador sedan car (with a registration no BRV 675) to go to our grandparents house in the village 300 miles away.  As soon we reached their home – welcome started from washing our legs by warm water which used to take all our tiredness of many miles. Foods were always served fresh three times a day with fresh fruits from the garden in between the meals. We used to walk in Mango plantation, swim in nearby river, visit temple in the far hills. We also watched movies in open and under the sky. Those 10-15 summers were the best part of my life.  

Hostel Life: 

Higher studies took me away from home and Six years away from home in Hostel was my second home. The best part was food timing was fixed so if you miss you miss. I leaned to be always on time and thus the Mess (Canteens ) Manager always welcomed me for being on time. During Hostel life I used to give private tutoring which made me to go to students house and they always served me Tea and some snacks. Always got the best of the hospitality. 

Parents Home: 

In my higher studies living in Hostel –  on every  Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring break my parents would wait for me to take the train to home. My Mummy Mom would wait for those days and cook my favorite food for the day I arrive till I stay. She does the same when I go now. 

Now, I am away and still the feeling I get when I visit my parents home is the same. There is something which will never change and it’s Hospitality and Love. 

Happy Mother’s Day to All. 


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