Dad and Son 

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Son asked the third question for the night, “Why do we collaborate or what is collaboration?” We will come to what Dad responded. I am sure we all would be interested to know what would have been the first two questions for the night?

Son told the Dad, ” Look up into the sky and tell me what you see?

Dad beemed with proud, ” I see million and billions of stars”.

The son asked, “So what does that say to you?”

Dad answered, “Astronomically, there are trillion of galaxies, and many planets like ours the Mother Earth” Religiously, it tells me that GOD is great and we are blessed to be born and enjoy our tenure. Weather wise, beautiful sky like this promises there will be a beautiful day tomorrow.

What does it say to you, son?

“We forget to pack the tent Dad. “


Now, so far if it’s been of an interest to you – read on to find the answer of the son final question. 

Why do we collaborate or a better question would be what Collaboration is?

Dad, started Collaboration is a process and thus you cannot say it’s one time thing. So, it has a Start and it has an End and in between everything. You improvise on it based on the situation you are in – Our Collaboration for today would be we will take a turn to sleep, have a bonfire nearby in all four directions and by end of the day or rather begin of the tomorrow if readers read this story of us, we know we are alive.

Sounds like a plan said the son.

Dad: We have to change the thoughts and make it more positive reason our thoughts enables our actions. Like now, we made a plan to take turns.

Son: Sounds like a good idea and I will give credit to you.

Dad: Ownership is the next ingredient.

Son: For example, our term for sleep – I am a late sleeper, so you go first and take your first nap.

Dad:  Listen carefully as most of the information is provided in it.

Son:  Lately, I am seeing the trend because of multitasking many of us just hear and that too partial and thus make mistake. For example, missing tent is part of the hearing and not listening.

Dad: Ask powerful questions.

Son: Just like I asked in the beginning.

Dad: Build the Team. Find their capabilities and utilize those for the right outcome.

Son: For example, I can be awake late and you can be a morning riser.

Dad: Others matter.

Son: Life is beyond us and people has an impact on us and our life impact them.

Dad: Respond to Failures.

Son: Acknowledge we did not have the tent and work on the solutions.

Dad: Ask for Directional Help or Help

Son: Let me see if can ask fellow Tent people to make a circle and we can be protected as they make a temporary fence.

Dad: Trust the Team.

Son: And, Treat them well. The reason how we make feel others is more important. As that goes a long way.

Dad: Opinion Matters

Son: Just like how you expressed your point from Astronomically, Theologically, Meteorologically, and asked me the question – What does this tell you, son?

Dad: Negotiate, Negotiate, and Negotiate.

Son: Can you read me the book under the sky?

Dad: How about we watch the SKY TV?


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