Free Soda with Professor in Flight No 1264

This happened 2 years back, May 15, 2015.
LA to Chicago…this time Flight Time was same like most of the time 4 hours but because of flight delay total time 12 hours! The interesting part of this flight, Professor was sitting next to me and I was sitting next to the Professor.

Professor: Do you live in LA or Chicago and what brings you here and what taking you to Chicago?
Me: I jokingly said Hollywood reason when you take a flight to LA – what comes in most people mind is Hollywood. I added even though Hollywood employees 160,000 people but people like me in IT is supporting a lot of things from Utilities to Finance, Space, and the list goes on. I asked and yourself!

Professor: I am Mr. Professor 58 years old with two kids (13 and 11). Was in LA (Catalina Island) for Forum to discuss on my subject, Anthropology.
Me: Interesting, tell me more about the place Catalina Island and your subject. I also been to Catalina Island and love the history of it from Chicago Wrigley purchasing the island, White SOX practicing during harsh winter of Chicago, Marilyn Monroe last breathes and Charlie Chaplin first honeymoon…

Professor: You know more about the Island and the only thing I would say it was kind of boring being cut off from the mainland. My subject is very vast and at a high level, the textbook definition is it’s about the Human origin and science and let me tell you more – one thing which fascinates is Hinduism. So much of diversity and still so unified….
Me: I learned a lot on what you told me. Also, to add to the beauty of Angeles – only in Los Angeles within 2 hours of drive you can be from Island to Mountains to Lake (Lake Arrowhead) or Snow (Big Bear Mountain), to Desert ( Palm Springs) to beautiful beaches like Laguna, Dana Point, Santa Monica.

Professor: It seems you have seen more of Angeles than me. Probably when I come with the family will sure visit all you mentioned.
Me: I told the best time to visit – anytime but definitely not summer. (To change the topic) – I asked when you are not involved in Teaching, Family, and bother about Money – How do you go about personal time?

Professor: My personal time is – exercise for an hour daily, meet like-minded people for Golf once in a week and then any new people in the club to learn more about what’s going in the World. Also, wanted to find out from you what’s all happening in LA:
Me: What I have observed and learned from People:
a]. LA port and Long Beach port import 40% of good for the whole of US.
b]. The LAX airport is the 5 largest and potential to build more cargo flights.
c].Top universities encouraging students in entrepreneurship, innovations in Space, Civil Engineering / Infrastructure.
d] IT is booming as the warm weather keeps mind thinking – our human body and mind functions to the highest level when the temperature is from 68F to 86F
e] One of the medical colleges is researching on how to rebuild the arteries for the heart which causes the heart attack.

Professor: Thank You, it was a pleasure talking with you – you really have good information about LA.
Me: Yes, all this comes from traveling from Mountain to Beaches and in between and all kind of office from Hydro to Nuclear, Substation to Service Center.


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