12 Years, Today! 

12 thing I learned from my Grandma:

  1. Always touch the feet of elders at home before going for exam was the ask of my Grandma – reason the blood flows in your mind and you do more good to your exam! She left us for heaven 12 years ago on this 16th May 2005. May her soul always rest in peace.
  2. The work at hand is more important than two or more in your mind. Focus on one thing at a time. I have yet to see such focused person in my life. 
  3. No talking while eating. Have food first and then talk. 
  4. Drink water before meal like an hour before while eating just take a sip if the food is spicy. 
  5. Drink water after an hour of the meal. 
  6. Sleep on time and wake up early like 5 am go for some walk or run and come back and read for an hour before going for school.
  7. Visit places and all kind – tourist, spiritual, and some new place. 
  8. Watch movies with family and a family movies. I used to sleep most of the time in the clubhouse on her lap. 
  9. Celebrate festivities – Holi ( Festival of colors), Diwali ( Festival of Lights). 
  10. New year picnic was fun in the beginning of the year. Be part of it. 
  11. Pray in the morning. 
  12. Family come first. 


10 thoughts on “12 Years, Today! 

  1. You have a wise grandma. Regarding the drinking before and after meal. I do it as a habit, perhaps it was a natural practice from childhood. A nurse just told me yesterday that drinking cold water during meal increase acid in the stomach which is not healthy. Old tradition has a lot of wisdom in it!

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