Jack and 7 Fears

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

Did you know 7 ways to Qualm your fear asked the Wicked Man (For now onwards we would call Wicked Man as a WM) to Jack?
Why did you say 7 ways, it seems you already know beforehand about my 7 fear factors said, Jack. 

Here is yours 7’s fear factor said the WM. 

  1. meeting with a new person in a new place,
  2. comprehending literature from a different country which he lately started,
  3. right breathing pattern,
  4. mindless eating,
  5. time to find for daily exercise,
  6. vacationing with larger family members and
  7. wealth management.

Jack said you know my fear factor very well.  WM said Yes and added most of the  time you would be having those in your thoughts without taking any actions, thus wasting the Present aka the Gift!
Jack nodded his head in affirmative. Take this seven magical beans in exchange for pot of Gold. You plant it in your backyard. Jack did exactly as told and after a lot of patience, Sunlight, clearing the weeds, and timely watering. He got 7 different type of plants with different fruits. He decodes those good looking fruits and got the instructions through cosmic waves where he could hear the voice of WM.

Smile Fruit from the first plant said, “Always Smile when you meet the person.” Chances are you would not get respond with a smile but it will leave a thought on the other person – Why did not I smile?

Re-reading fruit said, “When you are reading something for the first time which is difficult you revisit the same article again and analogy is if you are in Chicago Downtown first time you will not remember anything but after few visit, you will know each corner of it”.

Align Your Thought to Center said the perfumed fruit, “If you are not breathing from your stomach, then it is shallow breathing which would not provide a complete source of energy inside and some parts would be deprived”. Align your breath to center and check time to time at the end of every hour to see if you are breathing properly.

Nod your head and face in a left and right direction said the directional fruit when someone come and asks you for more food.  Talking while eating is not a good practice. Ironically, in this independent world of fast food, no one is serving us – we are grabbing our own food.

Calendar Fruit said mark your calendar as a Personal Time – Everyone of us is given 24 hours. Give the World 23 hours and keep 1 hour for yourself which would be even playing ( not the game people play) something like Tennis even if you are an adult, going for biking, walking, or running. Add three planks of a minute each and it will take three minutes of your total time and side effect of it would be a flat abs in an year time. 

Vacation Fruit said – Travel the World and it will give you enough to write and share stories with your fellow reader in the country you resides. Travelling teaches you so much and opens up the horizon.

Wealth Fruit said to be Fruitful you have to invest in a diversity depending on your need, for example, a new house needs a down payment of 20%  so have a saving account and then getting a mortgage would be easy, college fees saving could be through college program, your retirement into 401K, investment through shares with an exit criteria and make sure you understand how Shares works or how does it not work.

This is the story of Jack and 7 magical seeds which helped to have no qualms for his fears.

What’re your thoughts on – Is Jack living in Present and is this a nice Gift to have?




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