A New Township

via Daily Prompt: Farce

Jeet was an ambitious person in thoughts, actions, and desire. There was two choice for him to get rich. He chooses the quick path. He did collect data from few villages nearby and found those people were content but few of them he could influence and can get their hard-earned money to make a new Township.

Jeet showed the roadmap of how he can build a township which would be self-sufficient. His plan composed of:

  • Houses for a single family, with a choice of two, three, and four bedrooms.
  • Elementary Schools to High School
  • Shopping Center
  • Stadium
  • Parks
  • Fitness Center
  • Temple

The work started and in phase, things were getting completed. People started moving, and beautiful things started happening except for two things:

  1. Younger Generation who left the village not only left memories but their parents and family. This lead to a Nuclear Family and the concept of Joint Family disappeared.
  2. This Township has everything except a promising job for the new generations who were coming out of the school. They eventually left the Township and left their aging parents.

A few years back during the investigation, they found Jeet had taken money from the bad investor to make it happen and he was put into the Jail.

Every day one thought would come to his mind about the bad intention and hence karma had led to this faith.

Jeet new book is just published from the jail and its called, ” A New Township – What a farce it has been to him, personally?

Jeet is a Hindi name which means Victory. Did Jeet really have Victory? What do you all think?


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