Born into Corruption

ith via Daily Prompt: Descend

Jai was born into a media family which was considered once upon a time a very noble. Lately,  with so many channels, 24*7*365 things were descending. Every rich people wanted to have a TV channel of their own.  There are like 1000 private channels and only 24 hours in a day of which 66% of time goes into sleeping.

Jai’s Dad Alex became like any other reporter who had been bought by the 1% rich people of the Country. They were agnostic of political parties and whosoever gave them money, they used to talk about them or their language.

One day, Alex soul did not allow and he released a video about all the wrong doing happenings on more than 80% of sprouting channels in the country to spread the message -if you can not change them at least shut your TV down. He compared his current life as a waiter/waitress who got more tips from the rich and than salary from the owners. Hence, their ethics changed. He boasted proudly how nicely he is eating all good food at night and best of the drinks.

With all the extra easy money pouring in from different sources, Alex bought lots of property thinking his son will have a good life but life is not meant to be sedentary and just enjoy the easy money. You have to keep doing something or other or else its descend.

Jai ‘wants’ were always fulfilled with best of everything. He was a brilliant student but the self-question he asked himself, ” Why get educated from the best of college when his income is guaranteed?

Jai did not utilize his talent and when his mother died in a car accident, his dad Alex got married to someone from the media who was divorced with two kids. Jai did not like his steps brother and sister and he made an attempt to take them away from the family equations. He was successful and then caught as his stepmother came to know about it.

Jai is currently in rehab and his Dad Alex who has been eating too much and drinking a lot died of heart attack.

The family born and got in corruption has no life but descend.








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