In Conversation with Cashier 

Today in the grocery store while paying for the items – the helper to cashier asked me, ” Do you run marathon? 

This question surprised me reason 99.999% of the time – they will ask did you get everything you were looking for and by default my answer is Yes and that default answer for the question, ” Do you run marathon ” – came from my default – Yes. 

It took me few seconds to realize- I was then wearing my Marathon cap.  

They both said – That’s nice and shared their short story 

The person who was helping me to bag mentioned – twice a year 5K Run is something which he participates and awards himself after that and for which I said – so nice and if there is something local we can participate as a team. 

The lady on the register mentioned both their kids are into marathons and tomorrow they are running. I said yes there is one in nearby cities. She asked if I am participating – I told not this one but given a time I will do my solo run. 

I really like if there is talk involved rather than just a transaction on sale items. 

I came out of the store smiling and then saw the sky smiling back. 

Moral: You smile and Sky smiles back on you. 


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