The Ambassador Car

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Once upon an automobile world, two cars were very famous or actually three 1. The Ambassador Cars, 2. The Contessa and, 3. The Impala

My Grandfather owned the Ambassador which was transferred to his only son and which helped us to transport anywhere from anywhere. Also, many people would like to borrow the car for their kid’s marriage. My Dad never said no to anyone known and thus his car was decorated many times.

Fast Forward, a new and affordable car not exactly like Ford T model came into India and it spread was from East to West, North to South. The car very small in size compared to Ambassador became an instant hit and affordable. The price was great, the mileage per liter was amazing actually three times, if not three at least two times better.

Then there was free trade agreement and many more similar cars and other cars company came to India and started manufacturing cars. My Dad sold his car for a smaller version as we all got out and emptied their nest.

Few years, on my way to home, heard on the NPR ( National Public Radio) that Hindustan Motors has closed his factory and would not make any more Ambassador cars.

The news was for 5 minutes so I stopped and captured the emotions of others and were very saddened and could see how once upon an ambassador has unmoored completely and given room to other cars as it did not evolve with time or changed often.

My Dad’s BRV 675, as we all remember.

3 thoughts on “The Ambassador Car

  1. Amabassador & Contessa are part of my childhood…in Bengali Contessa used to be pronounce as, in joking manner, Cone–thaa–shaa meaning Shove Into Corner actually 😃

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