Q A: Can you name three ambitious people you know and why?
A: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. They lived or living for a purpose and has accomplished and provided an outcome which most of us are using it.
Q D: Why we are told to dream?
A: Dream keeps us thinking – of course, the constructive one with an action will take us to the finish line.
Q R: Why should be reaching out to people for help?
A: Three reasons – 1. We would not be able to do everything by ourselves 2. There are people who would like to help us, reason we are not a mind reader and we have to be told to help or get help. 3. We are human a social animal not an island.
Q I: Why should we integrate Life and Work?
A: Simple most of the work we do involve our life. For example, if we are sitting eight hours and working my suggestion would be to stand for an hour and work. If we are taking our work to home, we should take home to work and of course, we have to have an outcome what is expected from the work or rather more than the prescribed job.
Q F: Why falling is Life is not bad? What does it teach us?
A: Falling teaches us to handle the situations. We become good handling in situational case.
Q T: What should we teach our self, and new generations?
A: Don’t Adrift – Be Ambitious, Dream Big, Reach out for help, Integrate Life and Work, Fall to stand strong, and train your mind, body, for a good soul.

via Daily Prompt: Adrift


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