Bank Robbery Avoided
For many years there has not been a good news for the town R and Y. There was two things unique about this town. 

  1. In winter time because of contraction the village name used to look like Randy. Anyway, it created enough confusion for people to know if they are in this country or the neighboring country. 
  2. On the river bank there was a bank called the River Bank which had cash, currency, and jewelry in the safeguard. 

Few modern robbers came on the boat to rob the bank and they were successful – they took all of he money, jewelry and arms except something which they could not recognize – left it in the employees desk. 

Once the robber jumped into the boat, one of the river bank employees took the catapult and hit the boat to make a hole.  Few nautical miles from the bank the boat started to fill with water and sinking and all the robbers were on their life jacket as they did not know swimming. 
They were caught by the River Gaurd and told to learn some basic skills like swimming and learn History at the time of serving their term. 

These learning kept their mind off all the bad deeds. 


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