Lesson from Village 2.0

via Daily Prompt: Catapult


  • Place: Village 2.0
  • People: Grandparents, Uncles – Aunts, Cousins and their friends.
  • Products: Apple, Mango, Jackfruit, Guava, Oranges, Pomegranate
  • Tool: Catapult ( Made of wood and ropes)
  • Mechanism: Torque ( I learned this in physics). When I first started using it – I was told and trained to pull it back and release it of course by aiming at the right thing.
  • Force: Mainly Negative Force and they are Gravity and The Wind. Is it really negative?
  • Goes Back: I believed Catapult was invented by my Grandparents which I used to get fruits down from the tree…now it goes back to 300-400 BC. Interesting!

Once upon a Summer, the catapult was a tool for us either to aim at something or use it to get some ripe fruits down from the tree. The art was to hit such that fruit(s) is intact when it fall not on the head but on the net. We could have used something else to get the fruits down but this was form of improvising on the skill and be associated with something which has been tradition to us.

Lesson Learned: 

And more than tradition, my grandparents was trying to teach…to go forward you have to drag yourself back, aim high because there could be resistance one known for example like Gravity and second Wind which could help or hurt. Be prepared and get the outcome.





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