First Date 

Mar and Atis ( mirror image of Ram and Sita) were on their first date on a revolving rooftop restaurant called Parikrama with city views. 

It’s been many years now they are happily married with kids. 

Today, when looking back to their questions it’s nothing but …read it yourself.  

  1. What’s your Interest?
  2. What Motivates you?
  3. What Plan you have?
  4. What Relationship means?
  5. What Excite you?
  6. What Song you like?
  7. What makes you Sad?
  8. What’s your source for Income?
  9. What does the word One means to you? 
  10. How will you Nurture a kid or two?  

It’s not what questions a date throws at you, it’s how you answer is all about making the first IMPRESSION for ever.


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